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Thrustworthy Computing

or: No meaning where none intended

Christopher Pratt
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I was born on a farm just north of Stockton, CA; I grew up playing around hay bales, sugar beet fields, and oak trees.

Eventually, I graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in English literature; the most useful courses were library science and typing, which continue to serve me well. I always thought I was going to be a teacher, but one semester teaching German as a second language made me reconsider.

After a decade at Apple and Netscape, I moved to Washington state to work for Microsoft. I lasted four winters and then decided to move back to California. These days, I work on medical devices for a living.

Whenever I get the time and money, I go traveling and/or drinking. I'm a wine geek, but I do share, which makes it slightly less annoying. I'm happiest when I'm sharing a glass of good wine with my friends.

I consider myself an old school Bear, having had my first beer at the Lone Star well before my 21st birthday. These days, I'm older, grayer, balder, but am still pretty much the same old Bear. Six foot three, on the heavy side, furry... you get the idea.

I've shared my life with danlmarmot since 1994. We married each other on August 16, 2008, which was the day I'd been waiting for my entire life, as it turns out.