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You know, I just can't get over the feeling that I'm at the end of the Earth here! It's a very nice city, all told, with lovely parks, handsome old buildings, and lots of people who are younger than 60 walking around. (After seeing almost nothing but senior citizens on the road during the past four months - the so-called grey nomads make up the vast majority of people who travel around Australia - I really was longing for seeing folks my own age again, but I digress.) I've spent as much time as I need to in the bookshops - I just shipped about 28 kilos of books back home - and I've replaced a couple of my XXL shirts with L size stuff - and now I feel like I'm truly done with the city for now.

So tomorrow it's off to the wine country, which will probably be the usual mix of beautiful countryside, severe food and drink temptations, annoying snooty yuppie types who are shopping for the perfect chard or merlot to serve at their mini horse ranch. You know, while they tell you all about their trip to Paris and how wonderful it was to eat at Le Tour d'Argent. I'll try to avoid the food and drink, try not to buy wine (I really can't do anything with it at the moment; my plan is to not buy anything more until just before I leave, so as to get the GST refund at the airport), and instead make sure to do a short hike more days than most. I'm especially looking forward to some of the tall trees area - time to go climb a big scary tree! woohoo!

OK, dinner time. We're still working on the endless pouches of Greenseas hoisin chilli tuna, mountain bread, and cup-a-soups. Bleah. At least it'll be over in another couple of weeks. (This was our emergency food stash in case of getting stuck in the bush.)

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