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[NB: this I'm not really interested in finishing. I still suspect Samsung manufacture the panels used by Apple in their high end displays, but I don't know for sure. In any case, my shock at the $2500/$3500 price tags for the Apple Cinema Displays was a mistake. Hey, guess what? Really big LCD displays really do cost that much, and the Apple displays are not wildly overpriced. I suppose my beef is that they don't provide a widescreen LCD experience for less than $2500, but if no one manufactures the panels, you really can't do so, I suppose. Anyhow, note the paranoia on my part, thinking I had written LED instead of LCD at some point and expecting someone to jump on my mistake as proof that I know nothing at all about anything...]

- I really didn’t mean to write LED, but I’m sure I did at some point. Guess that the Apple displays are really OEMed Samsung displays; note that the really big one, the 24” one, costs A$12,999 and as such is truly obscenely expensive. Point out that perhaps the Apple display really isn’t so bad for what it is, and don’t fault Apple for sticking to the high end big margin items. Speculate that the reason Iain likes the Apple displays so much has to do with big (500:1) contrast ratios and high brightness (just like Samsung). Pledge to buy the Dell 19” LCD display instead.

[... oh, and the 24" Samsung costs about $3,660 in the USA. It's damned close to the most expensive monitor you can buy, period.]

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