Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Geek? Not exactly.

Unfinished, damaged in transmission.

- a post about how I’m not a geek in the sense that most of my friends and acquaintances are, but rather someone who is interested in other things arcane or obscure for their own sake. Mention DEWN and the Arno Schmidt Stiftung Vorzugsausgaben &c. Suggest that perhaps my disdain for Apple is simply because most folks who move in knowledgeable upper middle class circles and/or work in the industry seem to champion them as being wonderful, when in fact they’re just being dismissive to the common folk who rely on PCs.

[NB: this is woefully underfleshed right now. The Vorzugsausgaben refer to the €100-200 (per volume) books published as a small limited edition as part of the Bargfeld edition of Schmidt's works. I never did buy any, and they've just become available again for the first time since about 1989, but I won't buy them now because I'm not employed. If I get a signing bonus (yeah, right) at my next job, I will. They're beautiful. For now, I'll settle with my copy of Evening Edged in Gold in translation. I do have about eight cases of BD wine in my cellar; it makes up about half (well, probably about a fourth, come to think of it) of what's down there. Sadly, the recioto of barbera is gone forever...]

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