Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

If you're a fan of Max Tundra,

Here's the poop direct from the Max Tundra list:

Over the weekend, several images of a strange human-headed orange
fish appeared in the back-rooms of music retailers in or near your
local area (unless you live in the USA or Canada – more on that
later). This painting of a merman playing two musical instruments
appears on the front of the second ever Max Tundra album "Mastered by
Guy at The Exchange". Those aforementioned record shops flung their
doors open this very morning to give you and your friends the
opportunity to obtain this new music and acquaint yourselves with the
friendly sea-creature depicted on the cover.

Anyone who heard Max's first album "Some Best Friend You Turned Out
To Be" will be pleasantly surprised to learn of the appearance of
vocals on the new record. In fact, every track on "Mastered by Guy
at The Exchange" contains singing (except for "61over" which contains
a conversation). The singing voices are provided by Max(Ben) himself
and his sister Becky. The mixture of instrumentation, styles and
textures is as vivid as ever, with slightly more reference points to
existing forms of music than before. These warm, emotive, uplifting
songs will capture your spirit, pour it over ice, and serve it back
to you at the best disco in town (where you won't get turned away for
liking Destiny's Child and Frank Zappa). Incidentally, there's no
dress code either.

"Mastered by Guy at The Exchange: The First Max Tundra Album For Two

Released today.

Track listing;



--- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- --

A Note For Our American And Canadian Readers:

"Mastered by Guy at The Exchange" has enchanted the staff at the
Oakland-based tigerbeat6 label, to the extent that they have joyously
decided to license the record and give it thorough exposure in the US
and Canada. The album is a shiny pebble in their brightly-coloured
Fall schedule and is earmarked for a November 4th release.

For further information on tigerbeat6 check out their website at

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