Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Leetle update.

The art has been purchased and is on its way to San José shortly. I shall have to enlist the help of LC and others as I have no idea what to do with a rolled up painting - guess the next step is to find someone who can get it all purtyfied in preparation for hanging on a wall.

Now that I'm back in the tropics, I am quickly reminded that I hate the weather up here. It's about a hundred degrees with very high humidity, and bushwalking is suddenly not very fun. However, the next ten days or so should be pretty cool regardless.

When Dan gets up in a bit, I'll make brekky and then we'll strike out for Darwin. On the way there are some gorges and hot springs (again, the Aussie tourist agenda is fairly predictable), and then we'll check into a hopefully fab hotel (the Carlton - they had last minute rooms for A$125) for four nights, giving us time to settle down for a bit.

Tonight in Darwin, the infamous outdoor food market is on, I think, so there'll probably be much feasting on exotic ethnic food.

Tomorrow, I imagine we'll see the sights of Darwin and quite possibly Ali G Indahouse.

On Tuesday, we'll take a flight up to Bathurst Island, home of the Tiwi. This may well be the only "Aboriginal tour" we'll do - I haven't had the stomach to blow A$100 per person on a half-day walk to some art site so far, but I've heard the Tiwi are particularly interesting. I'm also intrigued by their art style - the funerary poles they carve can be really interesting (at least to me).

Wednesday is probably a day trip to Litchfield.

Thursday, we'll head out early in the morning for Kakadu. Me, I'm very hesitant about spending much time there - it sounds like it'll be overrun with the usual German speaking didj playing yahoos, and I frankly can't be arsed to care about large numbers of birds and croc infested waterholes. However, I guess I'll have to go see the art sites and so on. I also have to get to the Border Store to pick up the vehicle permit that will allow us to drive into Arnhem Land.

Friday, we cross the border into Arnhem Land and make for Davidson's Arnhem Land Safaris. Doing so is a big leap of faith, basically; the other folks on the Great Divide tour up Cape York swore up and down that this was a can't miss experience that any visitor to Australia really should do if you've go the time and money - and it's not cheap at A$400 a night. I have no idea what to expect other than a bed and some food, but I hope it really is as faboo as they said it is. If anything, it's something I probably never would have considered before speaking with the locals, so that's a good thing, I guess. I sincerely hope it turns out that we won't have regretted spending the money, as travelling around the Top End is turning out to be kind of a money haemohrraging experience - what with the artwork purchase, we're now over budget, and that isn't going to be helped by plane rides to obscure islands and safari camps. Still, what the fuck, you're only here once, so you might as well make the best of it. Besides, in another two weeks we'll be out in the Kimberley, where we'll only ever be camping and eating the usual sandwiches and noodle bowls (boring, but effective).

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