Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt


Most interesting things found on trails last week:

- a jar of Vegemite and a dirty white plastic knife (Kings Canyon)
- a panty liner (ditto)
- white tissues (absolutely everywhere, at least 1/200m on every trail in Australia)
- cigarette butts (ditto)
- a souvenir sock with "Fiji" embroidered on it

Most popular things to do on top of Ayers Rock

- SMS your pals
- call Mom on your mobile
- smoke a well-deserved cigarette
- talk loudly with other Americans about how they have lasers at Walt Disney World
- compare climb with other climbs such as Mt Kocziusko

Best places to eat in Central Australia

- the Mud Hut Motel in Coober Pedy
- the Sounds of Silence dinner extravaganza at Yulara
- Red Ochre Grill in Alice Springs
- Keller's Swiss-Indian Restaurant in AS (presumably)

Dumbest thing a mechanic did to our truck during an oil change

- leaving one of the caps keeping the battery acid in unscrewed and lying next to the battery, resulting in difficult starting engine and huge acid splashes / removed paint on the inside of the bonnet

Where our truck is right now

- getting the tyres rotated and wheels aligned at Beaurepaires

Stunning realizations obtained

- there is no longer any such thing as the Outback; it's all crowded with tourists and well connected to the rest of the country through modern communications facilities
- most of the Outback is mind-numbingly boring
- the area around Alice Springs can be breathtakingly lovely
- I will probably tire of beautiful gorges any day now
- Ayers Rock is everything you ever thought it would be and then some; shame you have to pay through the nose to see it, but it's actually worth it
- camping is OK, especially when the marmot makes tea for you while you are sleeping

Things currently in progress

- buying a new bed for my house
- getting our volunteer work in WA set up
- slowly thinking about how to search for a job in January (ack)
- writing postcards

Scariest event of the month so far

- putting on a pair of Dan's jeans and finding I fit into them with no problem - they're a little bit short but otherwise OK; this means we're finally a couple that can at least share shirts, woohoo!

Best beers in Australia

- Malt Shovel Brewery pilsener
- Crown Lager

That's it for now!

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