Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Lone Star report

- The Fixodent is, alas, gone from the urinal. Now, there are only hockey pucks, er, urinal cakes, which have lost their smell.
- The Pilsner Urquell tasted strange - kind of sugary. Not pleasant. My recommendation: just go straight for the Guinness. You can't go wrong there.
- Someone has tacked up last week's BAR (the local gay rag) along with another, smaller picture of Mark. They're under the huge American flag on the wall next to the pool table.
- There was a bachelor party earlier on the evening, which resulted in a fair number of guys having tiny lavender glitter sticking to their faces. Now, I have no idea why gay men would have a bachelor party. I mean, what's a bachelor party without strippers? And have you ever heard of Bear strippers? I didn't see any strippers.
- I'm also confused by the whole notion of gay marraige. Maybe I'm a traditionalist, but I thought being gay was all about dicklicking in public restrooms. You know, like at the Greyhound station. (And you can watch TV for 25 cents afterwards, but I digress.) Why would two self-respecting homos want to have a big ceremony? Maybe they're just too cheap to buy their own stemware at Crate and Barrel?
- Once again, the bartenders all know my name at this point, and it's always kind of surprising. Of course, they've been serving me for basically all of my adult life, so I suppose it had to happen eventually.
- There was lots of pot smoking. This always amuses me, because where else but The City is it more or less okay to do massive bong hits in a public bar? Even funnier, this meant that we were able to use words like "the chronic", "kind buds", and "the mad skillz". (For the record, I don't smoke.)
- Why, oh why, do so many people drink vodka and cranberry? Mixed drinks are bad enough, but why go for something that basically tastes like Robotussin spiked with rubbing alcohol?
- Topics of conversation included but were not limited to: reminiscing about Mark, Central Valley vato slang (¡orale!), Beck!, things strangers do that are annoying, whether or not person X is cruising person Y, and when exactly the Lone Star opened up in its present location. (We couldn't figure that one out. If anyone has any idea...)
- The place is as good as it ever was. Good lighting, great selection of draught beers, good friends. All in all just about the only bar I know where I actually feel like it's like an extension of my own living room, albeit with signs warning you that the police are issuing tickets for public urination. So: Why aren't there other places like it? You'd think there would be a friendly Bear bar somewhere else, but every place I can think of is dark, noisy, more leathery than Bearish, has expensive domestic beer in cans instead of good quality brew from the tap, etc. Or is there someplace I haven't been to yet?

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