Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Bali hai.

Not sure what that means, really, but I'm pleased to announce that Dan and I have just purchased a week's trip to Bali. Go us!

Return flights from Perth + 7 nights at Poppies + airport transfers = $2432 Australian. Talk about a good deal!

The only hard part is that I'll probably have to ask my uncle Randy and aunt Lisa about what we should see in Bali, and I'm kinda sorta not on speaking terms with them right now due to a fuck-up last Christmas over a dinner invitation - they called, spoke with Dan briefly, Dan told me, I forgot about it, and then I got a phone message from them on Christmas eve and they sounded (understandably) pissed that I hadn't gotten back to them. Ooops.

In the meantime: anyone around here know what to do in Bali?

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