Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

What's next.

Tomorrow morning: things near Coober Pedy used as filming locations, but first we go to the post office to send a small package home. Matthew, be warned: this box will have something in it that is not for us, but for you. Yes, for you! Please to open box when it arrives in two weeks or so.

Tomorrow afternoon: lunch at the Pink Roadhouse.

Camping at Dalhousie Springs and maybe Old Andado or Chambers Pillar.

Sunday through Tuesday nights: the fab Rydges hotel in Alice Springs. Hey, it was on last minute special for a mere $115. Expensive compared to all the camping we've done, but what the heck. It's a big tourist town.

The week after that: Palm Canyon, the west MacDonnell ranges.

Saturday: the overpriced cheesy tourist dinner under the stars at Uluru.

After that: towards Darwin via as much Central Australian outback stuff that we can handle.

The first days of August: Arnhem Land, then Kakadu, Litchfield, etc.

Mid-August: The Kimberley.

Late August: The Pilbara.

Early September: Volunteer work with CALM in WA.

Mid-September: North of Perth.

Late September: Perth.

October: WA.

Late October: Bali, Cape Town, London, or... any foreign destination that's on sale.

November: SA (Adelaide Barossa Flinders etc.)

Early December: the eclipse at Ceduna.

Mid-December: outback NSW, driving towards Brisbane.

Christmas: Binna Burra Lodge (again).

New Year's: Brisbane.

Early January: Sunshine Coast, Fraser Island.

Mid-January: back to Sydney to sell the car.

Late January: to Auckland and back if time and money permits, then home on the 29th.

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