Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt


I have just finished up a multi-day buying binge from - it's been ages since I bought any CDs, and what the fuck, I guess it's about time.


Fantômas - Director's Cut
Preston School Of Industry - All This Sounds Gas
Preston School Of Industry - Whale Bones (EP) + tracks
Pet Shop Boys - Please, Actually, Introspective, Very, Bilingual CD reissues with bonus tracks, aaaack
Ovuca - Wasted Sunday
Cabaret Voltaire - Conform To Deform (3 CD Box Set)
Orchestra Terrestrial / Richard H. Kirk - Here And Elsewhere (Limited Edition)
Orchestra Terrestrial / Richard H. Kirk - Aural Illusions (12 inch vinyl)
Beck - Loser (12 inch vinyl)
Björk - Hidden Place (DVD single)
Cabaret Voltaire - Remixed
Cabaret Voltaire - The Original Sound Of Sheffield - Best Of The Virgin And EMI Years
AFX - 2 Remixes By AFX (EP) 2 tracks
Aphex Twin - drukqs
Squarepusher - Go Plastic
Grateful Dead - Grayfolded
Max Tundra - QY20 Songs (ep)

And then, from WarpMart, a two-track sampler from the new Aphex Twin album. And then, some more PSOI stuff from the band's Web site. And then, thanks to mathan, some PSB stuff I hadn't heard before.

Bad bear, no biscuit. I shouldn't be throwing money around like this, but what the fuck. Besides, I hear the new Fantômas is really, really good.

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