Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

And we're off (again).

Last night was a pretty damned good night. Drove up the road a bit to check out a rainforest kind of tourist attraction abomination, but got cold feet when we saw how cheesy it really was. So: I went shopping for food (strangely enough, this IGA supermarket had absolutely no roast beef (no jokes about little piggies, thanks)), while Dan scanned the radio for word of the rest of the 4WD tag-along tour (we had ditched them two days before, being bored out of our minds at Lakefield NP).

By the time I'd returned with my booty (roast pork, mayo, rolls, and American roasted garlic bagel chips for some reason), Dan had picked up the group. They were closing in on Port Douglas. By the time we got back to our apartment in PD, Dan had confirmed dinner at 7 with the rest of the gang.

Dinner sucked. It was bad Chinese food, but what else did you expect in a small northern Queensland town? However, the company was excellent. Over the past couple of weeks, I really got to enjoy the company of a number of the tour participants. So, we said our goodbyes and promised to catch up when we're next in Sydney. Chris and Sue were kind enough to let us keep their spare tie-down strap, and Jan and Gerard should be working up an E-mail with some great info on indigenous artists around the Kimberley. I've also started plans to find Bill and Sue some good Aussie pink wine... we'll see what happens. Oh, and Wayne-the-mechanic has agreed to relieve us of our Series 80 spare parts at the end of the year. Go us!

The sun's coming up now, and the tea-water is boiling. Dan, I think, is still asleep, but a friend of his is now MSN IM-ing me from Kyiv, so I must away. More later!

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