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Wein Keller

It took ten days to clear Canadian customs and make it to San Diego, but Dan just installed the replacement thermostat for our crappy wine cabinet and it's thankfully cooling down nicely.

The cellar temperature is apparently on the interwebs somewhere; searching my old mail didn't find that URL, but it did find this barely amusing blast from the past: a post to an internal Netscape newsgroup that I made almost exactly a decade ago... here 'tis!

Posted: May 1, 2001

For sale: an Avanti WC400CL wine fridge. Holds 34 bottles; keeps them
from somewhere between 45 and 65 degrees cool (-> adjustable

Goes for $349 new at Fry's. A steal at $140 if you pick it up at my
house (S 13th St., SJ), or just $160 delivered to your house in the
South Bay (only). Includes original manual and receipt for warranty

For more info:


Q: Why are you selling this?

A: Because I built a wine cellar in my basement instead.

Q: Does the fridge include any wine?

A: No. But if it'll sweeten the deal, I'd be happy to throw in a bottle
of non-alcoholic sparkling wine that I've been trying to get rid of for

Q: Can you do any better than that?

A: How about a $2.99 bottle of Argentine malbec? It's great for paint

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