Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Day 14

Day 14. A song that no one would expect you to love

No one? Like, absolutely no one? That's ridiculous. (Don't you kid yourself.)

If I limit no one to "no one on LiveJournal," then I might have a better chance of it. I just spent half an hour going through my iTunes library, and there's nothing in there that would surprise anyone. Jevetta Steele, Jane Siberry, k. d. lang, Aimee Mann? mamoosh knows my secret shame. Dan's seen me listening to most everything, and nothing else should be remotely surprising, not even Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers, Mahir, Modern Talking, or Crazy Frog. That CD of East German cowboy-and-Indian movie music from Aquarius should come as no surprise to anyone who knows of my fondness for odd stuff; that shelf includes the Conet Project as well as copies of Shut Up, Little Man and random business-card-shaped 3" CDs.

The only place I suppose I get really surprising is "classical music" - I know, oh, no other people that listen to that stuff (other than relatives). Yes, there's Stockhausen, Reich, Xenakis, Varèse, and Riley. However, the least likely candidate is probably... Morton Subotnick.

Here, try some. I first hear this when I was working at CompUSA; we had Voyager CD-ROMs for sale, and Subotnick's was pretty fascinating to me at the time. I bought the CD of this ages ago, and I still love it. Yes, it has kind of a cheesy factor to it, but I like the empty spaces that aren't music really, just texture. It's music that's mostly timbre, I guess; no real melody, just "a feeling," at least not for the first part (before the really dated Synclavier-esque keyboards kick in). Reminds me of Stockhausen a little bit, but much more of Ryoji Ikeda and Carsten Nicolai.

Here's something unrelated from Paris a couple of years back:

But I digress. What songs would you think I wouldn't like at all?
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