Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Damn, it's late.

Ugh. I really should be sleeping but instead I'm on the computer again, hoping that I'll get that sleepy feeling soon. There are lots of bats (birds?) chattering down on the mall below, which isn't helping too terribly much.

Met up with the rest of the chain gang tag-along tour group this evening. Surprise! They're all getting on in years. Well, there might be a couple or two in their forties, but otherwise, it's just the usual bunch of Aussies and poms, retired, time to see the country, etc. (Over and over again, we find that there are either young German tourists or older Aussie tourists in all the remote spots.)

Sounds like Cape York isn't as wild as it used to be; they put in a bridge this year over the last major river crossing, so chances are it'll be pretty tame. Only two nights without toilets, woohoo. Still, could be fun, although to be honest I'm already starting to worry a bit; the lame racist comments have started (or is it just that the word 'blackfella' strikes me as much less cool than 'Koori'), the drinking has started, etc. But fuck it, I'm going to see the Cape, not to pay too much attention to the other folks. Glad that the mechanic is friendly and knows his shit, though.

Everything is now cool and good to go. Brake fluid = purchased. Tucker box = full to bursting. 50l emergency water = safely tied down to the roof rack.

Catch ya later.

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