Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Day 11

Day 11. A song from your favorite band

Easy. Band means that: a band, not one person, but a group of people who tend to play together, preferably live. Not one person with a backup band, not one person with multitrack recording capabilities, and not fucking U2, just because.

There is only one band that I've seen live more than twice, and the would be the Melvins:

It's hard to describe what exactly the Melvins are. I'll just say this: there really aren't any other bands like them. They've been going strong for a quarter-century or so; bassists come and go, but King Buzzo (guitar) and Dale Crover (drums) have been constant. Every record they release is wildly variable (in the best sense of the word): Lysol and Eggnog were the first ones I got into, but every single one, even the generally awful ones (Prick being potentially one of the worst CDs ever released) have had at least one awesome song on it.

What they play ranges from more-or-less straight up speed metal (this track?) to almost country (Lizzy?) to pretty much WTF (the one the trombone solo). They've had two drummers and an insanely woofy bassist for a few years now and have never sounded better live; I sure don't miss Hat (well, that's what we called Mark Deutrom, the guitar player from Clown Alley who played with them in the mid-90s - he proved the adage that you should never, ever hire a guitar player as a bassist (noodle alert!!)), but they can do virtually no wrong.

This song, we all love JUDY, is as good as any as an introduction to the Melvins, but I will say that it suffers from being taken out of context of this album. The track the follows it in particular sounds like something from that Squarepusher bonus EP Vacuum Garden; it is emphatically as not metal as this song is, but makes the perfect interlude between this song and their cover of The Green Manalishi that comes later on.

Bonus beats: the only bands I've seen live more than once are Dweezil Zappa (walked out on the second show as it was terrible), Foetus (same story; the second show happened during his alcoholic Gash period), Swans, and Primus (they opened for Swans at the I-Beam in the '80s; Melvins opened for them in the '90s).

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