Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Day 9

Day 09. A song that you can dance to

Some fun facts about me and dancing:

- The first dance I remember going to was in 7th grade. For reasons that aren't entirely clear to me, much of the music was very black in a New York City kind of way, which was awesome. This struck me as very odd given that Lodi is a mostly white Central Valley farm town, but what the heck: who wouldn't want to hear Genius of Love at a junior high school dance? Awesome.

- I generally don't dance, but there was one notable exception all the way back in 2002. At the Mardi Gras party in Sydney, I danced my fool ass off with nzbear5 at the Hordern Pavilion. Rachel Auburn was doing something absolutely amazing that night. I've since had a listen to some of her solo work and it wasn't anything like what she was playing: bummer.

- I can dance to pretty much anything, largely because I can't really dance. As a result, what's mostly interesting to me is "will this sound awesome in a big club with an amazing sound system?" Sometimes I'll hear a song and think, hm, not interesting as music really, or not as a song, but I bet this would be freakin' awesome in a club. Here's an example:

It only gets going about a minute into the track, and then there's a bit at about 2:10 that almost makes my ears hurts. Almost. I really, really wouldn't mind hearing this at top volume someday.

In the meantime, other options would include stuff like Mueve La Cintura (sample here), which always sounded like it was designed to play in clubs.

However - no surprise here - you probably won't see me dancing any time soon, alas.

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