Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

And we're off... almost.

Dan's out getting his hairs cut by an elderly gentleman who's wearing tall white socks. Like the ones Japanese schoolgirls wear, but not poofy. These are the standard issue Queensland socks older gentlemen wear here. They're heinous.

Anyhow. Greetings from the tallest building in Townsville, Queensland - the fabulous Holiday Inn, straight outta the 1970s. I'm up on the 12th floor right now, typing away while looking out over the harbour. Magnetic Island is looking pretty foggy at the moment - it's not the best weather day, but it'll do.

When Dan gets back, we'll drive over to the botanical gardens, both of 'em - one has Cape York plants, the other lots of palms and pandanus. While he botanigeeks, I'll be repacking the bins in the back of the truck - one has all the spare parts and lubricants, the other has food. I swore I would not accidentally put brake fluid in the cordial bottle this time.

When that's done, all I need to do is find a spare UHF radio aerial, some more brake fluid, some tasty cheese, and... I think that's about it. We meet up with the rest of the 4WD tag along tour this evening, and tomorrow morning we're off at 8 AM to slowly work our way up the cape towards the very tippity tip tip tip top of the peninsula. With any luck, we'll be on Thursday Island within two weeks. (Which reminds me: if I haven't been sending you postcards, it may be because I don't have your address - Mr Abley, for example. Please e me your addy at

Matthew and our parents have emergency contact info if anything should go seriously wrong. We won't be able to check E-mail until at least June 26th, so it's ta for now and enjoy your Father's Day celebrations!


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