Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

From Twitter 07-09-2010

  • 08:02:33: @ranger1 Byzantine, sure, but also pretty awesome. Push mail works great with iPhone thanks to Exchange support.
  • 09:38:07: @aairplane I hear you had to have bought a copy of Gearhound in order to get in to that event. NOT THAT LOYAL NOW, ARE YOU?
  • 11:53:17: Shocked by the ingredients list on Amarettini: Free range egg whites, sugar, apricot pits. That's all?
  • 12:59:42: RT @hobronto: Here is a video of a marmot chewing on a cracker. Just in case you wondered what that'd look like
  • 13:11:02: Confidential to Kelly O: I haz marmot as house pet, iz teh awesomez!
  • 13:13:54: Jake Shears is no Dick Valentine. Not impressed with B-grade Flying Lizards/NiN/Leo Sayer pastiche or 'back door' (tee-hee!) refs #fail
  • 16:50:30: Sunny at work, but still cold and foggy at home. Was hoping to enjoy summer sun and stony riesling but looks like it's gonna be zinfandel...
  • 23:27:02: RT @jpinsd: @danlmarmot Marmot eating a cracker
  • 23:30:41: Was very, very happy to share a Ridge 2002 petite sirah with friends tonight: beautiful wine. Proof that some wine improves with age.

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