Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Goodbye, fresh&easy

I just got back from the fresh&easy in Casa de Oro. I'm pretty sure that's the last time I'll go out of my way to go to fresh&easy, unfortunately.

When they first opened towards the end of 2007, it was fantastic: they had all kinds of delicious things that I couldn't find anywhere else: quince paste, Moroccan black olives, really good truffled liver pâté, a variety of tasty frozen meals. Over the last two and a half years, these things have disappeared one by one - and today, the final one disappeared: the methi malai chicken frozen dinner, which was a staple food for us ever since we first tried it.

Now, there's nothing left there. I walked over broken glass in the beer aisle to get to the cheese cabinet only to see that (as always seems to be the case) the Cambozola was well past its sell by date; across the way, they'd discontinued the British style bacon, leaving only some scary generic bacon that I didn't recognize. They stopped selling sugar; instead, they sell Mexican evaporated cane juice in plastic bags (good, but really looks like a gray market import). They still have stock of some of the usual weirdness - Australian olive oil bottled in Italy for some reason, and terrible Spanish rosé wine for $1.99 a bottle - but the overall vibe is of a slightly dirtier Aldi where most things should have been removed from the shelves days ago. Produce is sad, they still haven't opened the store near us in North Park, and on the whole I'm done.

Shame, really, because it was so promising when it opened. Christmas 2007 saw a fresh&easy lamb roast with root vegetables and tres leches cake; now, all they have is cheese pizza and stale Twinkies. Nice try, Tesco, but you failed.

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