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Wine haul

Wine haul
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I was bad yesterday: I went and bought more wine. No, I don't need more. No, I don't even have a good place to store this stuff. And no, there's no one to share it with at the moment, so it's just gonna sit around til Dan gets back and/or I invite some folks over. Anyhow, here's what showed up yesterday - thought I'd blog it just for the memories.

From left to right:

Bitch Bubbly, $8. Like most wines here, I've never had it. However, Grateful Palate Imports and Chris Ringland can do no wrong, so I bought four. I love sparkling red wines.

Torrent Bay pinot noir, $10. Nelson pinot noir, super cheap. No idea if it's good, but I never seem to have any pinot noir in the house save for special occasion only stuff from JK Carriere, so I figured it'd be good to get some every day pinot.

Sherwood pinot noir, $13. Had this in the past and was good (but one bottle was corked). Thankfully it's now screwcapped - thank God for Stelvin closures. This even had a fancy schmancy Parker review on it, which is probably a bad sign, but I bought two anyways.

Wild Rock pinot noir, $10. Another cheap NZ pinot that I know nothing about.

Guigal white Côtes du Rhône, $11. I love love love Rhône whites, especially if cheap. Cork finished which makes me nervous - these are delicate wines and don't often survive that - but I'm cautiously optimistic. Their red one is just okay, hoping this one's better.

Kermit Lynch red Côtes du Rhône, $12. God bless Kermit Lynch. This is kinda sorta his house red; really looking forward to trying this one. I'm thinking carnitas.

Berger Zweigelt, $11 (one liter, not 750 mL). I've had the Grüner Veltliner from these guys before and it rocks. Given the size of this bottle, this is a steal - hope it's good, and it probably is (this is a Terry Theise import). Definitely something to share with friends and meaty pizza.

Yalumba Eden Valley Viognier, $15. The most expensive wine I bought yesterday, this is generally reliably delicious. I would love to have some with a fish chowder of some kind, but alas: my cooking skills don't extend that far. Probably gonna just have it on its own after work in a couple of weeks. If you think you don't like white wine, this might be a good place to start - just don't drink it TOO cold.

Cave de Pomerols Picpoul de Pinot, $9. I've seen this in wine shops for pretty much forever and never bought a bottle - it's all about the cork (French wines always struck me as notoriously unreliable when finished with cork). It's now en screwcap and I'll finally get to try it. This isn't supposed to be particularly complex or awesome, but it's just something you gotta try. I guess it's like the country music of wine: beloved by many, but generally paid little heed outside of its fan base.

Lustau fino sherry, $12. OK, haven't had sherry in forever, and reading Terroir's Twitter feed (they're a wine bar in NYC) has got me lusting after some. Way alcoholic and generally dangerously tasty, I'm looking forward to this one for sure. I've even got a can of Spanish almonds ready to go.

Susana Balbo torrontes, $12. Reliably tasty obscure white wine from Argentina, this was a core component of that incredible meal at The Sportsman Seasalter last year. Another white wine that generally seems Rhône-y to me, this one shouldn't be served too cold and is moderately complex. I think Costco has this as well these days: perfect stuff for drinking in the summertime.

Gilbert Chon Muscadet Clos De La Chapelle Sèvre et Main sur lie, $13. Longest name and in a sense the bottle from which I expect the most. When I first started drinking wine back in the late 1990s, a bottle of this was one of the first big problems I ran into. In short, it tasted like ass: weird, angular, cardboard-y, and mostly just downright bad. I didn't really understand at the time that this was common: about one out of every ten bottles of white, slightly less for red, is damaged and undrinkable due to 2,4,6-trichloroanisole, the most annoying chemical on the planet. TCA, which is more commonly known as cork taint, is a nasty little organochloride that has the amazing ability to make wine suck even at vanishingly small concentrations. Thanks to that one bottle, I was worried that I would never like wine as much as I initially thought I did. Over time I learned that it probably wasn't the wine but rather the cork that caused the bad tastes... and now that the producer has finally gone to screwcaps, I hope to prove myself right, preferably with salt and pepper chilli squid or something nice and fishy!

Finally, there's Neil Ellis 'Sincerely' sauvignon blanc, $7 or so. This is actually from a Costco run Dan did last month; I'm really not a fan of sauv blanc, at least not lately, so would've preferred not to have bought this. That being said, I've had this before and although not Sancerre it's pretty damn close and an amazing value. This isn't a big tits passionfruit bruiser like a lot of Kiwi sb: this is grassy and mineral and works best with grilled fish.

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