Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Still here

Hello, dear neglected LiveJournal. I'm still here - it's just that I haven't felt like saying much lately. The economy still sucks, people are still getting laid off, and even the company I work for is making business decisions that can charitably be described as "retarded." The dollar's still weak, we're apparently still in the torture business as a nation, my Federal tax refund hasn't been deposited yet, and health care reform still hasn't happened. In short, I don't have a whole lot of reasons to be overly cheerful these days.

That being said, I'm still employed, the kitties are still doing well, and nothing's remotely near as bad as it could be. I'm headed to San Francisco for the weekend, I have a table at Chez Panisse booked (OK, the café; restaurant reservations were impossible), and it's sunny and warm-ish here in San Diego.

Dan's headed to the Antipodes for five weeks, which means I'll have lots of free time at home - time to think about a road trip to LA or at least spending a day assembling Goodwill donations to continue ridding the house of the debris that built up over the last fifteen years.

Further out, I'll probably be heading to Fort Wayne, Indiana and Cincinnati, Ohio in another week or so to do some network testing at a couple of customer sites, but of course that's always subject to last minute changes. What isn't subject to change, though, are upcoming trips to New York City, the Mekong river delta in general, and then Kauai and Oahu for Christmas. I've never had to choose a hotel room in New York City before - if any of you have any pointers on that front, I'm all ears. Similarly, if you know of an awesome place to stay in Kauai or of restaurants in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, or Bangkok that I absolutely should not miss, please do let me know!
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