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Lunch menu, The Sportsman

Lunch menu, The Sportsman
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My parents are making Thanksgiving dinner for us this Thursday; to repay the favor (and quite frankly because I was really, really curious about this place), we drove out to a small pub near Whitstable called The Sportsman. My Dad had to phone them up a few weeks ago to book the tasting menu for the four of us; this is a scan of the menu.

Not on the menu but which we enjoyed regardless: rock oysters with house cured bacon, herring on bread, crusted pork belly with a sort of mint sauce, pear ice lollies in ginger milk, chocolate brownies, a sort of fresh apple ice cream with something like Pop Rocks in it, tangerine ice cream (and oh my God, I cannot describe how good that was), and finally New Zealand sparkling wine (Pelorus, my favorite) and a bottle of Argentine Torrontes. I didn't drink either of them as I was driving, but I'm sure they were just fine.

At this point in the day - it took about four hours to make our way through all of this amazing food - I'm kind of feeling like I'll never eat again, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. If you're ever in London, this place is absolutely worth a road trip. Amazingly enough, it was even ridiculously good value - let's just say that there it doesn't often happen that you splurge on a really good meal and feel that you unquestionably got your money's worth. This is the best meal I've had since Alinea many years ago.

Finally, I have to say that the staff were absolutely amazing - warm, friendly, obviously proud of their food. They really made the experience.

Oh, and Imelda Staunton was sitting next to me. I had no idea she was so short!

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