Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

In other Max Tundra news

1. Finally, the Max Tundra Peel Session are available for free download!

Max Tundra Peel Session

I still haven't heard these songs - I'm at work and don't have the ability to do so right now, but you can bet they'll be the first thing I listen to when I get home.

Some background: these were recorded shortly before John Peel's death and not broadcast until shortly thereafter. Four tracks taken from his first two albums, all of them re-recorded with a live. If you've never, ever heard a Max Tundra song before, please take the time to listen to Cakes at the very least - it's a phenomenally good song and the one that made me love his work.

2. If you're interested in his remixes, there's now a MySpace page of some of them available. No, the sound quality isn't wonderful and no, you can't download MP3s, but you can at least get a sense of what some of them sound like. Bonus: the posted version of his Pet Shop Boys remix isn't the one that was actually released; instead, it's his first, rejected version.

3. If you live in San Francisco, LA, Chicago, or New York, you'll have a chance to see Max Tundra live this August!

Aug 18 2009: Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco
Aug 19 2009: Spaceland, Los Angeles
Aug 20 2009: Empty Bottle, Chicago
Aug 23 2009: Jelly NYC, Brooklyn

You can bet I'll be at the LA show - his performance in Phoenix earlier this summer was sublime, ineffable, wonderful, blah blah blah. You've heard me go on before. Now it's your turn to go. Tickets are about ten bucks. See you there!

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