Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Gedankenexperiment 1a: The Gayness

Homophobia is at root a very low form of thinking (or sense-making), and any disengagement with it is precisely what the gay man/woman of substance wants. This is the meaning of an education; it's supposed to liberate you from this crude engagement, which in itself is a type of repression. If being gay is an essential constituting element of your personality, that is a bad thing. One should strive to be less gay. Why? Because being gay is nothing but being identified as such by hets. It is not your identification (being gay). The other designates this for you, and you recognize yourself in this designation. You are not yourself; you are this other because the other says you are who you are. In the gayborhood, there are too many gay people, and this results, if you are gay, in the forgetting of your gayness (indeed, in James Baldwin's book on the gay, gay neighborhood of Greenwich, a gay man forgets he is gay and finds gayness to be strange). When everyone is gay, no one is identifying you as gay. Other characteristics rise to the surface — class, tribe, physical disabilities.

- with apologies to Charles Mudede, who is (to me, at least) one of the most remarkably consistently thought provoking writers out there today
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