Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt


I think I've now reached the point where I need to make a conscious effort to stop buying honey. Here's my current stash:

Honey 1

Here we have niaouli honey (New Caledonia; this is a melaleuca native to both NC and Australia also known as tea tree), one of the two honey bears from our neighbor Kristin, orange blossom honey (France), honey from the Pyrenées (also in France; this is a very good, dark honey), the other wedding honey bear, and forest honey (also from New Caledonia).

Honey 2

Here we have palisander honey (a tree from Madagascar most often used to make furniture), coffee honey (from near Sarraméa in New Caledonia, presumably from coffee plants and not with coffee mixed in), honey toutes fleurs ("all flowers," from Madagascar), a bunch of New Zealand honey (rata, or New Zealand Christmas tree, a type of myrtle; tawari, an unusual native angiosperm; two types of bush honey; blue borage, or echium (similar to Pride of Madeira, but this is presumably viper's bugloss); manuka (also called tea tree, but not the same as niaouli/melaleuca, although they're in the same plant family - this is actually a leptospermum); Fijian honey; an interloping jar of artisanal quince preserves from France; Tyrolean chestnut; and more manuka honey packaged in a lovely, over the top French jar from Seresin winery (it's actually from the same producer as the manuka honey - it's just that it costs twice as much!).

All of this over the top honey notwithstanding, my favorites are still French lavender and sunflower honey, both of which were eaten long before I've moved on to any of these things. La Maison du Miel in Paris does these things well an inexpensively; they also had something called miel de garrigue that was phenomenally good. Of these honeys, I'm currently working on the honey from the Pyrénees, which is almost gone; once it is, I'll probably move on to something a little less strong (the chestnut honey is delicious, but so pungent I rarely choose it for breakfast).

By the way, the best honey delivery system I've found in San Diego is Trader Joe's honey wheat bread, toasted, with Irish butter. This will have to do until I find a place that bakes decent baguettes, at least. :)
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