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New Caledonia Map
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This is going to be a hell of an exciting week. My parents are leaving for London Heathrow airport in four hours or so; this time tomorrow, they'll be unpacking in our guest room. I haven't seen them since our wedding last August, so this is super exciting.

Then, we're off to New Caledonia for a quick week long road trip; luckily, we get to see nzbear5 briefly on the way out and on the way back, so the killer 6 to 10 hour layovers in Auckland each way should be a lot of fun as well!

I've uploaded a couple of pictures from a 1943 guide to New Caledonia printed by the US government; it includes some very sage advice such as "Almost every white family in the island has a Javanese servant," "Throughout New Caledonia toilet facilities are very primitive by our standards," and "Watermelon is particularly common." It sure didn't look like that 7 years ago - and there seem to be a huge amount of new luxury hotels all of a sudden, so I'm of course exceedingly curious about what all has changed.

To give you an idea, we enjoyed a meal on the beach near Port Boisé in 2002 at a small gîte with no other customers whatsoever, enjoying a bottle of Sancerre with fresh seafood - and now that same gîte is a self-proclaimed "ecolodge" with restaurants that seat 440 people. Crazy!

Anyhow, we'll be back in June; my parents will be housesitting, so all I have to do is explain how to find CNN, where the wine is hidden, and which cat not to let outside. :)

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