Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Dear LAN

Dan and I are headed to Chile for vacation this December. I discovered something, um, fascinating today: LAN, the national airline, charges you different prices depending on whether or not you are Chilean physically located in Chile when you buy your tickets.

Here's the demo:

Let's start by going to by entering the following URL:

Now, let's search for flights from Santiago (the capital) to Calama (the airport nearest to the Atacama desert).

Wow, US $48.25 for a one-way flight? Dude! I am so totally there! But wait a second, the site won't actually let me buy the tickets... it just says Estimado cliente, los vuelos escogidos no permiten ningún pago a través de, which I gather is Chilean Spanish for "Sorry, dude."

So, let's try changing the URL to specify that we're in the USA:

And now let's try searching for the same flights:

Holy balls. The same flight now costs US $312? Amazing! That's a price premium of only 647%. Hell, you could fly to Calama and back three times for the same amount of money you'd pay if you bought the ticket outside of Chile.

Seriously: WTF?
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