Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

My credit card was too awesome to live

Earlier this week, I tried to use a picture I took of the Ost-West Kontaktzentrum at the old Leipzig trade fair as a background image for my credit card:

Yesterday, I received E-mail informing me that my submission was rejected. Why? Well, that wasn't clear: the provided reasons included a long list of things that seemed wrong (lewd or sexual content, celebrity images, images of money or flags, etc.).

This morning, I called 'em up and spoke with a friendly, helpful woman named Charise who explained that the image I submitted was obviously copyrighted material. Taking that as a compliment - wow, my photography skills are SO AWESOME that someone is mistaking them for professional quality - I laughed and asked if I could prove it. She acquiesced, I've sent off a long legal disclaimer form to Capital One, and hopefully I'll get a different decision after an internal review next week.

I do have to wonder, though: what's the point of custom credit card images if it's this difficult to get one? I probably should've stuck with one of the default cards...

Seriously, though, I wish we lived in a world where copyright was so damn tenacious, pernicious, whatever. From DMCA takedowns of innocuous vacation videos on YouTube that incorporate music from commercial sources to over-the-top worries about whether or not a picture of a frickin' building violates copyright, it's just tedious. I wish we lived in a world where copyright basically meant "you can't duplicate and sell this thing as-is, but you're free to incorporate it into something else." Of course, that's probably too laissez-faire, but what the heck, I'd rather let a thousand flowers bloom...

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