Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

LinkedIn fail

OK, here's a curious one for you: a colleague from my Microsoft days sent me a LinkedIn connection request today. After accepting his request, I noticed the little sidebar on LinkedIn that says "Your profile has been viewed by x people in the last y days!", which intrigued me enough to click on it. After clicking it, I noticed that the most recent view of my profile was, um, "Vice President at Bridgepoint Education, Inc."

Hrm. That's a little odd. And sure enough, if you look at Bridgepoint's site, you'll find Jane McAuliffe's profile. And, sure enough, if you search LinkedIn for "Jane McAuliffe," you'll see this profile:

I'll give Dr. McAuliffe the benefit of the doubt here and assume that someone's created a fake LinkedIn profile in her name - after all, I'm sure that Bridgepoint Education's Chief Academic Officer knows how to spell "education."
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