Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Five things I learned about Dave White online, or: Everything you read on the Net is really true!

Apropos of nothing, I googled "Alonso Duralde Electroma" to see if he'd reviewed the Daft Punk movie at some point. Minutes later, I found myself making a small change to Dave White's Wikipedia entry. In doing so, I discovered five things I did not know about Dave White:

1. Dave White is a moron and has no clue what he is talking about. When you give Click a d rating you are the biggest ass in the world.

2. Dave White loves long walks on the beach, tends to be drawn towards younger gay males that go by the name puddin'

3. Dave White has two kids, a wife, and a dog named Moses that regularly receives inspiration and direction from God.

4. Dave White went to Potsdam to go to college and it took him 8 years to graduate with a 2.00001 gpa.

5. Dave White's favorite book is "Little Boy Lost in the Woods" which is about a young indian boy who urinates all over bitches he captures and takes advantage of in his cave.

Sadly, only #1 is really funny, but I was amused, if only briefly.
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