Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Questions, part deux.

Now that the last Anzac has died, does this mean that there won't be any more Anzac biscuits? I am sad.

Corollary: Friskies Kitty Stew apparently went off the market in the USA last year. Was this because it was made from real kitties?

If a language doesn't have a concept for a particular act, does this mean that a native speaker of that language is less likely to perform it than a speaker of a language that does have a word for it?

Has anyone considered performing a linguistic analysis of the language spoken by Islamic extremists to see if the language itself makes it more likely that the speaker will accept certain beliefs or perform certain acts? Is it less likely that Turkic speakers would commit acts of violence than Arabic speakers, and if so, is this due to cultural differences, or to the strangeness of them in their native tongue?

How do I turn off the damned heater in this motel room? I'm sure I turned it off... oh, wait. Yay for switched electrical outlets.

In many countries outside the USA, I've seen nifty air conditioning units that look like large white plastic rectangles lurking in rooms (eg in Russel's house, in that wonky hotel in Tbilisi). Where can I get one for my living room in the USA?

Anyone know where to buy a good bed in the San Francisco Bay area? Anyone know how to buy one sight unseen?

Will I get some kind of reward if I can get my BMI down to 25 and prove it? Or do I just get rewarded by having to buy new clothes again?

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