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I have to admit that I'm a bit of a compulsive shopper whilst on vacation. However, I think it's largely defensible: I don't normally anything other than food and maybe a few small trinkets. This is a sample of what I just unpacked: there's a bunch of different honeys (which, frankly, is silly: I'm still out of room thanks to the huge haul from a honey specialist shop in Paris last September), some Marmite (I prefer Vegemite, but this was in a plastic jar, so less prone to breakage), a couple of tasting glasses from Spy Valley winery (awesome graphic design), some cheap crap from Nadi airport (I was hoping to get folks together to drink kava for no good reason in the near future), duty free Aussie rum, handmade quince jelly (an old favorite of mine), and some loose leaf tea. Oh, and stubbie holders for Dan with bare breasted native women. AWESOME!
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