Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Dilemma of the day

Lucky me, I'm the recipient of a shiny new Verizon mobile phone. Of course, it's the cheapest Motorola piece of junk out there, with a camera that barely works, no keyboard, no touch screen, no E-mail, no Web browser, no way to copy contacts from my PC, nothing. On the bright side, it's a work phone, so I didn't have to pay for it.

Of course, I still have a first generation iPhone, but I just called AT&T and it's going to cost me $175 to cancel my contract, which sucks (I only have nine months left, and it's $65 a month to keep using it).

I don't honestly know what to do at this point. My gut instinct is to give away the iPhone to someone who will take over the contract, but I've tried that many, many times before and repeatedly failed (everyone wants a new one, not a used 4gb one, even if means they have to spend hundreds of dollars to get it). I've worked with shiny, fancy smartphones for so long that I've forgotten that I never really needed one in the first place; all I really need is a way to call Dan from Trader Joe's and ask if he needs bananas from time to time. I don't need to check my damn E-mail in a restaurant, even if it is kind of fun.

On my lunch break, I went to the Verizon store and offered to give them hundreds of dollars if they'd just give me a phone with at least one modern feature, but it was impossible: my employer has a national contract with Verizon that covers everything, so you can't upgrade to a better phone. You get what you get.

Anyone have any suggestions here? Are there any San Diegans who would take over my AT&T contract through September 2009 and get a free, used, 4gb iPhone in the deal? Or am I stuck with two phones? This is dumb.

It's also super frustrating because the Verizon service plan costs more than my iPhone service plan, but my company won't allow me to expense the AT&T contract because of their contract with Verizon. They also won't turn on mobile device access to their Exchange server - even though they already have OWA installed, which means it's a simple, easy change on their end - because of vague "security concerns" (yeah, whatever, just enforce screen lock on mobile devices and you'll be fine, Exchange supports that, you know?). So all of the good reasons for having a work phone (corporate E-mail access) seem to be missing; they're paying $80 a month so that someone can call me in the airport, which is ridiculous. Talk about poor value for money and bad IT practice.
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