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Max Tundra: Parallax Error Beheads You lyrics

I've sent out a few cans of soup to friends the last couple of weeks, and it wasn't until yesterday that I finally got a copy of the album that included lyrics. As the lyrics aren't available without buying a retail CD or LP of the album, here they are in case you were wondering what the hell Mr. Tundra is singing about.

I hope you enjoy singing along as much as I do.

1. Gum Chimes

I fell out of your mouth today
It was the sunshine that made me go away
I landed in somebody's lap
Between their iPod and yellow trucker cap
And you won't see me for days
Gone far away, I'm underfoot somewhere in town

I see you have gone for a diner theme
A chromium shine and a neon gleam
You're sophisticated as a Soda Stream

I split up with my girl today
Her inconsistency made me go astray
I felt left out when she took drugs
I hope that I can survive without her hugs

If you see me in Japan
Get my hopes up if you can
If you want to be quite as dear to me
As she was then here's the plan

2. Will Get Fooled Again

I found the girl on Google Image Search
She was in the background of a picture of a church
I knew if we should get along as we were able
I shouldn't really bring her to the Seder table

I found the girl on eBay
She was bidding on Halfway to a Threeway
I wrote the words 'a grain of sand' upon a grain of rice
She baked a pie of very shy laboratory mice

I found the girl on MySpace
In her profile there was my face
I went into a corner shop and bought myself an edge
Another shiny vector to add to my cortege

I found the girl on Friendster
Where here taste in cinema defends her
She rescued me from vagary and indecision
By telling me our future was her new religion

Na na na na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na

Then I found you

3. Which Song

The future unfurls untenably
My schemes are cut down like a dying tree
If this one if the tune about you and me
Then which song is the one about Kevy B?

When I had the chance to stand up and triumph in the room
You would turn away and conversation would resume
All the plans we made together I'll give to someone new
Hopefully she'll be there when my US tour is through

All through my life I have been distracted by
A potential wife. then she finds another guy
I understand, I should wait a while before I
Ask for your hand, but I can't resist your smile

I've been with some girls in the industry
In England, in France and Germany
If this one is the tune about you and me
Then which song is the one about Kevy B?

Fashion, sport, and image are worlds I cannot stand
But I can't avoid them as I walk across this land
Just because I don't like football or wear expensive shoes
Doesn't mean my friendship isn't something you should choose

Ultimately, different coloured fabrics sewn together would be
Many times more useful if they taught me to flirt
But instead, inanimate, they hang there, inert
Waiting to encumber me

This jumper was bought for 20p
The trousers and shirt were thrown in free
If this one is the tune about Louis V
Then which song is the one about agnès b.?

4. My Night Out

Session members in a faded interview
Fucked reunion on a stage with somebody new
A power residue

Crushed assembly when you're rocking out with the band
Today redacted me

As I founder for a quote
Something catches in my throat

To falter endlessly
In a modern town

5. Orphaned

Parallax error beheads you
Framing of a history lost
Caravans of infants
Fortified against the frost
Systems under boulders
Compacting penumbra now
Salons unprotected
Disappear beneath a brow
Absence round the edges
Crackles in an orange sky
Shutters on the safety
Standing by for your reply
Appalachian figure
Gazing down upon you, proud
Future life projecting
Something that you never vowed
And if I loved you
Doesn't mean I'll see you in the crowd

6. Nord Lead Three

I love my Nord Lead Three
I know she'll never cheat on me
Her walnut stick is good to feel
I like to turn her sandstone wheel
She always wears her bright red dress
What's underneath I can but guess
How about some hide-and-seek?
L'amour de nous c'est platonique

One summer in a panelled room
I plugged her into someone's loom
The majesty that did occur
Made pussycats and doggies purr
Someone in the dinner queue
Had heard WFMU
He noticed all her subtle tricks
Despite their lowness in the mix

Her presets take me through the night
With spiky LFO delight
She supercedes the One and Two
I'd like to supercede her blue
Advanced subtractive synthesis
Is Heart FM's antithesis
Her family name is Clavia
Les sons qu'elle fait sont merveilleux

7. The Entertainment

Film your little sister with some dirt on her face
Read a Maya Deren book and shoot a staircase
Gather urgent footage for the introduction
Mess around with framing during post-production

Life with a tripod in Manchester beckoned
Panning the high street at twelve frames a second
Film a cloud on Super-8
Thread it through and check the gate
As data fills a perspex spool
My sequences will outsell Tool
So load me in and let me reign
Cause I was born to entertain

8. Number Our Days

Nothing happens when you die
You don't leave your body or fly off into the sky
The deities you count on were just made up by some guy

Nothing happens when I cry
Reminds me of the time I called you up to say goodbye
A pint of chicken soup comes falling from my eye

It's a winsome isolation I declare
Your engineering knocks me out of my chair
If mechanicals observed are what we are
Then number our days and point me to the car

Nothing happens by degrees
Your furtive semaphore is hidden by the trees
My predecessor always said you were a tease

Nothing happens every year
I scare a few more people off by saying 'dear'
What is it about my companionship you fear?

Every sentimental minute in your hands
Fills your Januaries with my plans
This is why we leave our ancestors alone
So number our days and lead me to the stone

9. Glycaemic Index Blues

As the village gives me up for dead
I hide in a neighbour's bed
Then under the door glides a river of glossy red
A fruit in a fractured skin
A slit in the peel and the juices come tumbling through
The boat was too crowded so I had a word with the crew

I can't get my head around spread betting
I'd rather use the Cher setting
The world's financial markets hold no interest for me
That man from the string quartet
Is wearing the thing that he won in a drunken bet
Your friend's trying to call you
It looks like he might be upset

Intricate patterns of light dictate the tone
Downed by a wink from a sylph I've never known
I'm so alone

The cutting-room men from the studio got their wish
The clunk of a cauldron on flagstone, the slippery dish
My seventy-eights in the move were all smashed apart
The legs in the megaphone pulse to the beat of my heart

10. Until We Die

Did you ever see The Holy Mountain On Ice?
Thirty tons of frogs and blood cascading like dice
The decoration painting
Was inhibited by fainting
And the clean-up operation wasn't nice

So you did some work for me and you didn't get paid?
Think of all the songs you sang and the love that you made
While Mr. Mendes kisses Kate
I, in my kitchen, break a plate
And sweep it up and dream of getting laid

I don't know if you got my letter
But everyone thinks you're great
If you come home it will be much better
And I will be your mate until we die

If you try to do the cube and it doesn't work out
Don't peel the stickers off or move the pieces about
Just send it in to this address
My underlings will do the rest
Unless you fill the envelope with doubt

As a child I used to be obsessed with Pale Saints
In a shop of art supplies among the sale paints
I thought this girl was Meriel
And I asked if she'd sing at my burial
"That isn't me," she said with some restraint

I don't know if you got my letter
It should have arrived by now
When you come home it will be much better
I'm longing to show you how until we die
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