Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Something to keep in mind

Back in 2000, Proposition 22 passed with 61.4% of the vote here in California.

Back in 2000, 2,909,370 Californians voted in favor of marriage equality.

This year, Proposition 8 passed with 52.1% of the vote here in California (as of right now; not all of the returns are in). This is a shift of nine percentage points in eight years.

As of right now, in 2008, at least 4,760,840 Californians voted in favor of marriage equality. That's nearly two million more No votes than the last time around.

It also helps to bear in mind that Prop 8 failed with every age group but the over 65 crowd... and yes, they aren't going to be around forever, for better or for worse.

Yes, it sucks that we lost this time around. But I have hope that things will change the next time around at the polls: we've come a long way in just eight years, and the California Supreme Court decision is already having a positive effect in other states (e.g. Connecticut, where same sex marriages are set to begin next week).

We're almost there. Keep up the good work!
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