Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Not a good way to wake up, or, Why computers are evil.

Some days, you wake up, turn on the computer, and instantly regret having done so.

What's online this morning? Well, not much. The usual livejournal blather, including Americans doing a cultural cringe because most Americans don't give a shit about the Eurovision song contest. Homosexuals going on and on about how camp something is and about how we must all turn in our 'pink triangle' if we haven't seen the latest cultural product they recommend CUZ IT'S SO FUCKING CAMP!!!


Just for the record:

As Americans, we don't have to be familiar with other countries' culture. Really! It's OK to be more familiar with NASCAR than with Bayreuth. Can we please stop apologizing for our lack of familiarity with other countries' culture? What exactly is wrong with not being ¡Sabado Gigante! fans, or paying no attention to cricket?

Just because something has alleged homosexual content doesn't mean it's worth your time. Would those gay men who think it's only interesting if it involves MAJOR DICKLICKING please just give it a rest for a while, and take time to enjoy all the pleasures of the world, even if they don't involve SERIOUS GAYNESS? I'm fed up with suffering idiots who make me watch bad TV just because the announcer/presenter has a slight lisp or made an oblique reference to Dirk Bogard in VICTIM.

There. That's better.

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