Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

I'm done for now

I just threw some more money at Barack Obama and No on 8.

For now, I am done giving money.

Now, I am going to hit the road for Palm Springs. Once there, I am going to take a certain Samoan lawyer's advice and commence drinking heavily.

Hopefully, I'll wake up on Nov. 4 and it'll be morning in America or something. I just want to wake up and find that my marriage is still valid and that we'll have a President in January who has a plan to pull this country together that is something, anything other than "but the other guy is a communist socialist terrorist-palling-arounder anti-Semitic redistributor who in case you hadn't noticed is suspiciously dark."

Eight years later with no raise at work, increased costs for virtually everything, and half of my 401(k) gone missing, surely I deserve it.

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