Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

This could be interesting: The Confined Nomad

While looking around for Max Tundra news on Google, I found a post on Biblioklept that mentioned a new blog that's recently started up called The Confined Nomad.

Now, those of you who've had the misfortune to spend time with me in person may know that I have passionate love of the French author Georges Perec and a book of his called La Vie mode d'emploi. Heck, just ask mattycub or zombietruckstop about the five minutes of their Paris vacation I irrevocably obliterated by explaining why I named our cats Sophie and Fred, but I digress: Perec's novel is constructed mathematically (it's built on a 10x10 variant of the knight's tour; this is also reflected in the primary narrative arc of the novel, which involves an independently wealthy Englishman by the name of Bartlebooth who, thinking about what he is to do with his life exactly, decides to embark upon a project which will leave absolutely no trace of its having been completed, but which will take his entire lifetime. In short, he decides to travel the world, paint watercolors of one hundred harbors, mail them back to Paris, and have his neighbor Gaspard Winckler make them into jigsaw puzzles. Then, when he finally gets home, he'll start solving the puzzles, which then will be glued into place, the paper chemically removed from the wooden backing, and then bleached to remove all traces of the project. (Yes, that's the short version.)

Anyhow! Yes, I have a soft spot for projects that don't exist for any reason other than to exist. I like reading about people completing tasks that they've set up for especially arbitrary reasons. I also like food, especially food that's either strange, technically challenging, unexpected, or just plain old ethnic. So, when I heard there's a blog chronicling an attempt to eat the cuisine of every country represented at the United Nations, in alphabetical order, without leaving New York City, I thought: damn, that's a brilliant idea.

You can subscribe to it by adding confinednomad as a friend.

In other news, Synecdoche, New York is opening in fucking Orange County this weekend, but not in San Diego. Bastards.

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