Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Science experiment: Collections agencies + public directory listings

When Dan started his new job with a Canadian company, it became necessary for us to have a landline installed at the house: if you're going to be on conference calls daily, it's important to have high voice quality and discounted international calling rates, neither of which are possible with mobile phones. The easiest way to do this was to upgrade our Cox cable service to add a telephone line. Of course, when you do this, there's an annoying thing called the phone book that seems to still exist. It costs extra to have an unlisted number - and I think, but am not sure, that "unlisted" numbers can still be sussed out if you have enough money - so I've only ever had our phone line listed as C PRATT - we had one in Redmond (with no phones attached) and then one in San José for all the years before that, and we never had a problem.

However, San Diego appears to contain many people whose first names begin with C and whose last names are PRATT who owe an apparently wide range of people money. As a result, we get annoying numbers of calls of people looking for a CHRIS PRATT. Of course, those CHRIS PRATTs are inevitably born in 1954, or owe money to Real Doll dot com or whatever, so they're obviously not this CHRIS PRATT. Still, it takes time to deal with the calls, my E-mail inbox gets spammed with voice mail mp3s, and so on.

Not wanting to spend $3.99 a month on a whitelist call blocking solution (it only allows 31 incoming phone numbers, and I'm not sure that would work with Dan's company), I figured the first thing to try would be to change the public directory listing to CYGNUS PRATT. I wonder if that's going to work at all, or if it's just going to result in more collections agents calling? Hopefully I'll know in a couple of weeks whether or not it improves the situation any...

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