Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Max Tundra Soup Factory

My Mom called me up this morning to ask exactly why a can of kosher chicken soup arrived at her London flat this morning. It was... a little hard to explain, but basically I just wanted to make sure I got a can; there's always a small chance US Customs will confiscate the thing when it's flown across the Atlantic this weekend, so I've got a backup in Sutton in the case that happens.

Amusingly, she said that it also came with Bonde do Rôle badges in the box, or something. Curious!

Anyhow, they're real, they're shipping, they're just £12, and they're still available for order here if you'd like one. With any luck, mine will arrive this week and then I can finally listen to a legal copy of the album!

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