Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

OMG paxx0rs!!!11!!1

We're up! I'm watching the usual parade of planes taxiing and taking off from the desk, but I need to stop this and get with the packing.

Yesterday was wonderful too - we woke up to more typical European weather: gray, overcast skies, rain, extremely gusty winds, not great. Dan took the day off from our hard core tourist regime; I went into town to buy some more crap (water in an aerosol can, raw sugar cubes, tea from Mozambique, Georgia, and Rwanda, Spanish blood orange-lime juice, and so on). I noticed the same people scamming tourists on the train to CDG that I'd seen yesterday, which was amusing. Thankfully, I was plugged in to iPhone music Nirvana, so it was easier to ignore it all.

Then, I headed back to the hotel. Dan wanted to check out the mini-superette over in terminal 2E or whatever, so we left the room. It was weird because no planes were taking off or landing - and this at around 3:30pm - and even weirder because police and the army were clearing out the train station beneath the hotel - and then just really irritating because we couldn't get back into our room for an hour because they'd shut down the central part of CDG airport entirely. We wandered around trying to suss out how to get back to the hotel somehow, but it wasn't possible - it would have involved walking on the road, which was too dangerous in the driving rain. But we got back in eventually, and got dressed for the last night in town.

The local gay bookshop had the one Ralf Koenig book I was missing (Hempels Sofa), the Bears'den was insanely overcrowded and provided the shittiest beer of the entire trip; we left quickly, especially as the clientele were mostly Not Pretty in that special European way and/or very much Not Bear (think fey young Indian men in ostensibly fashionable dashikiettes). Ugh. But whatever, we had ourselves a lovely dinner at the Ambassade d'Auvergne (green lentil salad with bacon, sausage, potato, and cheese, and three mysterious perfumed creamy desserts, plus weird local wines), and headed back home.

On the way, we helped some South American tourists with directions and wound up creating the Californian-American-Bolivian-Nicaraguan International Friendship Association in the process: they'd been touring Europe for two weeks (Copenhagen, Berlin, etc.) and were flying home to Managua and La Paz in the morning, and we had a lovely, virtually incomprehensible quadrilingual conversation with lots of smiles and handshakes all around when we parted ways at the end of the journey.

We slept wonderfully - this is the best room of the trip by far - and now it's time to pack it all up and check it in at 8, followed by breakfast over at the Hotel Ibis and then chilling out in the room until we have to pass security at 11.

We'll be in LA by 3pm today!

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