Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Six years, or: So very, very worth the wait

After wrangling with a very 21st century ethical dilemma: is it OK to download a pirated torrent of an album you've already bought in both vinyl and CD formats on prerelease? - I decided that what the heck, I've paid, and it's worth it to listen to a low fidelity version of an album four weeks before its official release because you've waited so very, very long to hear it.

Max Tundra's Will Get Fooled Again is one of the most beautiful songs I've heard in years. What he's done on this album has absolutely transfixed me. This doesn't sound anything like music has before. This is entirely new. This is what you should be listening to at Barack Obama's inauguration. This is what you should listen to when you wake up next to the person you love for the first time in your life realizing that there is absolutely nowhere else you want to be, should be in this world. This is what it sounds like to be alive.

This is the lyric that got me crying tonight - it's the first stanza of Will Get Fooled Again:

I found a girl on Google in a search
She was in a background of a picture of a church
I knew if we should get along if we were able
I shouldn't clearly bring her to the seder table

This is such a wonderful, joyous, sad song. Unbelievable. I can't wait to hear it in decent quality and from a legitimate source, but this will certainly do for now.

The 7" is released on Domino on September 29, 2008. If you have £2.49 to spare, it's worth it. It might change your life... and if not, well, you always wanted to hear a cover of So Long, Farewell, right?

Edit: Looks like there's a legit sample of the song here:

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