Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

iTunes 8

iTunes 8
Originally uploaded by cpratt
Looks like there's a small bug here: this entire screen shows just one album: brave2ep by disc. I'm guessing iTunes freaks out if the band name is "disc" for some reason?

This is also one of the most irritating CDs I've ever seen. The track listing is printed in raised white ink on opaque white paper, making it nearly impossible to read (hint: take the paper out of the case and hold it up to a light source and you can almost read it). Even better: I own two copies of the CD, and each one has different names for all 50 of the "songs" on it. Hi-larious.

Musically, it's basically a bunch of busted CDs skipping like crazy. It's painful to listen to, but sometimes it gets weirdly pretty for a moment or two before skittering back off into the weeds.
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