Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Now that's quality!

At Dan's Mom's urging - she's a huge Rick Steves fan - I blew two bucks on a used copy of the most recent edition of Mona Winks, which was retitled Best European City Walks & Museums 2005 before being discontinued. I can live with the "Steves'" on the cover, even if it's not technically correct - s's never, ever looks right to me, somehow - but I flipped it to the first page about Paris and saw this:

Many sights that charge admission are covered by the Paris museum pass [...] (¤18 for one day, ¤36 for three days, and ¤54 for five days).

¤? WTF? That glyph is Unicode U+00A4, aka Currency Sign, and no one seems to know what it's supposed to represent. It is most definitely wrong if you mean to print a € character, though - on a US-International keyboard (in Windows), AltGr-5 gives you €, but AltGr-4 gives you ¤ instead. So, I'm guessing that whoever wrote this book occasionally got in the habit of typing the wrong symbol... and then no one caught it, no one noticed it's not a euro symbol, or no one cared enough to fix it. That is, I think, pretty amazingly bad quality for a book published eight or so years after the € symbol was introduced.

Oh, and the book sucks. I have to admit that I really, really hate books that say things like "This book drives art and history snobs nuts!" It's the printed equivalent of Sarah Palin: "Yo, check this shit out! People that know what they're talking about can fuckin' bite me! WOOHOO RECKLESS SPENDING, TAX CUTS, AND MOUNTAINS OF DEBT!!!!1!!!!oneone"

This is gonna be one of those rare books that meets the recycle bin, not the San Diego Library donation program.

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