Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Another book worth your time

Earlier this year, I recommended anyone who's interested in perfume have a look at Perfumes: The Guide. I'm happy to say that the authors have now posted the first update to their book - it's free, so do have a read if you're interested at all by the idea of a book that is nothing but reviews of perfumes. The update should give you a very good sense for what the book is like: wonderfully written reviews that might even be interesting even if you don't wear any kind of scent - the writing is simply that good.

Sample extract (from a review of Baldessarini by Hugo Boss):

Baldessarini supposedly aimed at the Silver Surfer, not the cartoon character, but a man who is (a) on the wrong side of fifty, (b) has all his hair and (c) plenty of cash, and (d) still gets daily opportunities to spread his genes. I manage the first of these criteria effortlessly, so I guess I’m allowed to wear it. Baldessarini is to perfumery what the script for Toy Story is to movies: an amazingly skillful multilayered thing enjoyable by everyone for entirely different reasons.

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