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Ah, yes, the wedding favors. Will Gustwiller of Eclipse Chocolat made these by hand in his shop up on El Cajon; it must have been a hell of a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it.

Each box of truffles had a small thank you card on it as well: all 100 cards were different, the idea being that your hosts would be happy to tell you the story behind whichever image happened to be on there. There was a wide range of images, from the shipping label on the case of 1967 Cockburns port that my Dad bought after his wedding in 1967 (they still open a bottle every year on their anniversary), to a vandalized Berlin S-bahn sign that said " arsch Straße" - I hope they were fun for the guests.

Me, I still have to bust open one of those boxes. I'm going to wait until Dan gets home from Ottawa, most likely. They looked delicious.

Oh, and fun story! Will came by with the chocolates at around 3:30pm - and then realized that he'd left the cards back at the shop. Whoops! But as I said earlier, we made sure that only very local businesses helped out with the wedding, so he was back with the cards in 5 minutes' time, which meant that everything was ready and perfect well before the official 4pm start time.

Thanks again, Will!
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