Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt


Shortly after the California Supreme Court decided that teh gays can has marriage, our friends started making entirely unsolicited, amazingly generous offers: Xtreem Aaron (who did a bang-up job officiating for Alonso and Dave) offered to officiate for us, Brian Hill's father offered to officiate as well, and many other people simply said "Anything we can do, we will."

Mike Trueblood and Matt Rose, both of whom are actual, honest to God professional photographers, both called us within days and offered to photograph the wedding. Unbelievable. Planning the wedding wasn't trivial, but it was made immeasurably easier because so many people contacted me out of the blue and offered to help. Such generosity isn't something I'm used to, and I fear I'm not good at graciously accepting it, but I'll do my best to publicly thank everyone that helped.

Mike/onethsndwords posted this picture today:

Mike and Matt: thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope I can return the favor someday, somehow.

[BTW, that's a glass of Mumm Napa DVX rosé. There will be a wine post over at Full Pour at some point if you were wondering what we drank last weekend.]
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