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Choosing music for a wedding is - I suppose - a difficult thing. I did so on the morning of the day itself: I had thought about it on and off for a month or two, woke up on Saturday, and decided what we needed was Martin Denny as background music, silence for the ceremony itself, John Cage afterwards (sorry, bad joke: it took just over four and a half minutes to pour a hundred glasses of sparkling wine), and then more Martin Denny during dinner and afterwards. The gentle sounds of his music lent a patina of cocktail party elegance to the day; as a bonus, many of his songs have dropped in bird warbles and other "nature sounds" that blended in perfectly with the garden behind our house.

After the day had formally ended, a small group of friends stayed behind, so I put on some Max Tundra; Mastered By Guy At The Exchange came up first, his second album.

The second song from the album is called MBGATE; its lyrics describe what Saturday felt like as well as I ever could:


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