Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt


Roy/inbhirnis contributed by generously donating fridge space so that Henry/bearringsd could keep the grooms' cake cooled and ready for the presentation after dinner last night. There's a picture of the cake over at Roy's Flickr page, but I liked this one very much too:

From left to right: an indirect Bears Gone Wild! reference ("I didn't peg you as the green shirt sort"), Listerine breath strips (hey, if you're gonna kiss someone, it's better if you don't taste like a four-hour-old breakfast burrito), a Netscape 6 ship-it (code name: Seamonkey), shamrockified coasters from Dan's Mom, and of course the all important marriage license, which I just mailed off half an hour ago at the North Park post office (the catering + the chocolates were all straight outta North Park: the entire wedding was produced in zip code 92104, with the exception of the beverages, cupcakes, and Moo cards).
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